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Dedicated to the support and advancement of best practices in teaching and learning at the University of Connecticut.

Technologies to Enhance Teaching and Learning at UConn

Video Conferencing

Use a variety of video conferencing tools to meet with your students.

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Recording Technologies

Use technologies such as Kaltura and the Lightboard room to create and share videos.

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Collaboration & Engagement

Use a variety of tools to engage students in the classroom and outside it

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Testing & Assessment

UConn offers a variety of testing and assessment solutions to better enhance
your teaching.

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UConn is committed to providing an accessible digital environment for everyone.

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  1. Jun 18 Learning Typography Design for Engaging Teaching Experiences 11:00am
  2. Jun 19 UDL and Assessment: How to Critically Assess your Assessment 10:00am
  3. Jun 19 Enhancing student engagement with the readings 11:00am
  4. Jun 20 Digital Storytelling for the Classroom – Record a one-minute introduction video for your students 11:00am
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Noteworthy News

Ultra Course View is now available in HuskyCT!

UConn has introduced the new version of Blackboard into our HuskyCT platform, called Ultra Course View (UCV) and instructors can now request to use it for their teaching. Blackboard calls the new product "Blackboard Learn Ultra," although UConn will continue to refer to it as HuskyCT.

Courses will not switch to the upgraded version automatically. For the time being, only those instructors who choose the new version will have their courses switched over. Workshops and more information will be offered through CETL-Educational Technologies throughout Fall 2023 and continuing.

As we continue to roll out the new version of HuskyCT, we anticipate that it will appeal primarily to new users of HuskyCT, instructors who want a pared-down, more intuitive system, and courses with relatively uncomplicated course designs. Blackboard Learn Ultra is designed such that course sites are easier for instructors to build and for students to navigate, but some users may find the overall course layout is less customizable. In the early semesters of transitioning to the upgraded version, instructors of courses that rely on custom visual layouts and designs may choose to stick with "old" HuskyCT, aka Blackboard Learn Original.

If you'd like to learn more about upgrades to HuskyCT, keep an eye on this page and the Daily Digest, attend a HuskyCT workshop, or contact the CETL-EdTech office.

New software review process

Procurement has developed a new software and technology service review process to ensure the safety of FERPA-protected data.

EdTech FAQs

EdTech FAQ answering questions about Blackboard Ultra