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Dedicated to the support and advancement of best practices in teaching and learning at the University of Connecticut.

Technologies to Enhance Teaching and Learning at UConn

Video Conferencing

Use a variety of video conferencing tools to meet with your students.

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Recording Technologies

Use technologies such as Kaltura and the Lightboard room to create and share videos.

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Collaboration & Engagement

Use a variety of tools to engage students in the classroom and outside it

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Testing & Assessment

UConn offers a variety of testing and assessment solutions to better enhance your teaching.

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UConn is committed to providing an accessible digital environment for everyone.

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UConn offers Portfolium accounts for all faculty, staff, and students. Valuable learning tool.

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  1. May 10 Feedback And Assessment: New Ideas And Ways To Vary Techniques2:00pm
  2. May 17 Healing Racial Trauma From The Inside Out9:00am
  3. May 17 Deepening The Conversation: Embodied Trauma & Embodied Wisdom11:00am
  4. May 17 W (Writing-Intensive) Teaching Orientation1:00pm
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Noteworthy News

Mediasite Migration to Kaltura
If you are a Mediasite user and have not already requested your content be moved to Kaltura, now is a good time because ITS is eliminating Mediasite. To convert from Mediasite to Kaltura, send a request to Academic IT

What's New in Webex
HuskyCT instructors can now integrate Webex directly into their course page, allowing instructors to create/begin scheduled meetings, list class recordings, and facilitate office hours directly through HuskyCT. Also, instructors can now pre-assign breakout session groups. Users in breakout sessions will also be able to move between breakout sessions without the instructor manually moving them, leading to increased flexibility with larger discussion sections. Finally, the hand-raising feature in Webex has moved to the emoji section for mobile users. In addition to hand-raising, users will now be able to use thumbs up/down and clapping emojis along with other seasonal emojis.

iClicker Integration

Instructors and students will no longer need to use iClicker Sync because iClicker Cloud will integrate into your HuskyCT course.

New software review process

Procurement has developed a new software and technology service review process to ensure the safety of FERPA-protected data.

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